Thank You

Thank you for nearly 18 wonderful years!  It has been a daily honor and privilege to do business in this wonderful building, on this amazing street and here in our incredible community. When planning the Old Town nearly two decades ago we carefully conceived of a place that would attract you…awesome patrons. Serving people like you would turn our work into pleasure. That idea has definitely come to fruition as I count my customers, co-workers and friends all in the same basket.

As most of you are aware, our amazing staff has been the key to this venture.  They love the Old Town and it shows.  I owe them a huge debt of gratitude.  Please join me in my appreciation for their longevity, dedication, amazing personalities and hard work ethics.

We hope to re-open in a new location and would not only like to count on your support there but would love to get your input along the way with what you have liked at the Old Town Alehouse over the years, what you might like to see at a new location and of course HELP US find that perfect new spot!

We intend to keep our email, website, Facebook and Twitter accounts all active and look forward to hearing any ideas you might have as well as making announcements concerning where we will open up next.
Thank you again for your patronage,

John Burreson, Proprietor
The Old Town Alehouse



Food Specials

Lunch Only

Lunch Special $7

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and aioli served on sliced Tall Grass Bakery bread and a cup of soup or house salad.
(Available 11:30-3:00 PM daily)

Served All Day

Dinner 1 $5/$9

Slow simmered ground beef with black and cannellini beans spiced up with a happy trio of jalapeño, chipotle, and poblano chilies topped with the works: cheddar cheese and onions and sour cream.  Add chili to your fries $3 small/$5!

Dinner 2$9

Broccoli florets with sweet red pepper in a creamy blend of vegetable stock, the beer of the day stock, and savory cheese all topped cheese, bacon, and parsley 

Dinner 3 $13

Slow cooked sausage and chicken thighs along with white beans and tomatoes is a traditional French peasant food done the Old Town way and served with crusty bread.

Specials are served all day or until we run out!

This Week's Drafts

Prices are listed below, unless otherwise noted, and do not include Washington State sales tax.

Schooners $3.75    Pints $4.75    Pitchers $15.25

  • Southern Tier IPA
  • Silver City Pale
  • Hale's Red
  • Boneyard Hop Venom Imperial IPA $5.5/12 oz
  • Schooner Exact Hoppy Holidays 12 oz
  • Stillwater Stateside Saison $8/10 oz
  • Everybody's Porter $5
  • Northsound Bourbon-Barrel Brown $8.5/10 oz
  • Cascade Sour $8/7 oz
  • Cask - Hale's Harvest

Coming up next:

  • Firestone IPA
  • Big Time Icculus IPA
  • Port Townsend Pale
  • Georgetown Lucille IPA
  • Schooner Exact Hoppy The Woodsman $6/10 oz
  • Georgetown Chopper's Red
  • Chuckanut Pilsner
  • Cascade Darkest Day CDA $5.5
  • Firestone Velvet Merlin Stout $5
  • Finn River Pear Cider $5/12 oz
  • Cask - Northsound Hop Saw IPA

The Old Town Alehouse is proud to offer an excellent selection of Belgian Ales. Please ask to see our current listings.

Happy Hour Specials

Happy Hour Fish & Chips $6.5
All alcoholic drinks$1 off

(Monday through Friday 3-6, drink purchase for Fish and Chips Special required)